About Us

Welcome to Triple G Customs Glitter Glitz Glam! My name is Danielle and I am the owner of Triple G Customs Glitter Glitz Glam. I just wanted to formally introduce myself to those that do not know me. I was born and raised in Houston,Tx. I started my creativity venture about four in a half years ago through hosting and designing themed birthday parties, dance recitals and all girl monthly  empowerment events.
When I'm not creating and designing you can find me spending time with my nieces and nephews supporting them at their cheer, dance, football games and traveling.
Outside of Triple G Customs Glitter Glitz Glam I plan and design vacation packages to the Carribeans, Mexico, Honeymoons, Anniversaries, group travel, cruises and so much more through my travel agency Majestic Travels by Danielle.
When I'm not traveling, I volunteer with many different non-profits around the Houston area. My passion is working with youth, at- risk youth and adolescence girls. I enjoy supporting and uplifting girls to become the best versions of themselves. In a couple of years, I plan to open a teen girl life coach center for girls in the Houston area in hopes of expanding worldwide.